Churches in Hallam Gather For Sunday Service

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For the past week, residents of Hallam and surrounding areas have been cleaning up the mess left by an F4 tornado. Emergency management officials decided to close down Hallam on Sunday, giving the residents a day of rest.

"Its nice to just take a day off so to speak and get away from it and plus see all of the people in a little different setting," says Gary Shunkwiler, a resident of Hallam.

"We've been at it solid since it happened and I think everybody needs to just sit back and take that breath," says Patricia Axtell of Hallam on the day of rest.

Pastors Lorri and Dan, decided to combine their services Sunday morning to bring the community together again.

"We really needed a chance to come together and support each other to feel God's presence among us and around us and to start the healing process." says Pastor Lorri.

Kyla Jenson is a member of the United Church of Christ in Hallam. She spoke highly of the pastors.

"There was no 'our church' 'your church'...they both worked together and both have been incredible."

Many said something as simple as a hug meant a lot at the service.