Lance's Journal: Where There's A Will There's A Way, Jan. 4

Imagine being the parents of a perfectly healthy young boy and then one day shortly before his second birthday, he just stops stops talking and looking at people's faces and responding to their words.

Well, that's the situation Marcia and Drew Lepinski faced as they learned their son had autism.

Will Lepinski has a gift. He instinctively knows how to draw 3 dimensionally.

But when Will was first diagnosed with autism, his mother Marcia says professionals forecasted a very dismal future, "There's not a lot of hope that goes with that and basically what you're offered is more coping strategies than helping strategies."

Marcia and her husband tried everything, from Special Education to speech therapy, nothing worked until they came upon Applied Behavior Analysis." It was in the ABA program where will found the structure to be able to understand and to be understood.

Seven years ago, the Lepinski's found Liz art teacher that is credited for discovering Will's inner artist, "I could tell that he had an artistic gift and he also had this incredible attention span."

Liz helped Will turn that talent and attention span into a 2-year project, "Will would take pictures of his favorite places, things that had meaning to him."

And Will then was able to use his garage as a canvas. On 3 walls he created a huge collage of meaning."

From the doctors office that his dad works in to Memorial Stadium, Will has taken total ownership in this project.

Liz says, "I'm just like an audience going, 'Way to go Will, you're amazing.'"

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