Prison Food ... Ummm it's Good!

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They may be the most unlikely group of volunteers helping out tornado victims and the people helping clean up the damage. Dozens of State of Nebraska Penitentiary inmates that work in the kitchen have been cooking meals for victims and volunteers. The food staff jumped on board after the American Red Cross called for their help. The prison, the state and Red Cross have an agreement that if disaster strikes and food is need, then the prison can fill them up.

About 1,000 meals a day are whipped up in the prison's kitchen. William Willis who's serving time for driving while having his licensed suspended says, "it feels good. Helping those that need it and it's for a good cause."

The food is distributed around the area where the tornados' hit. In Cortland at FEMA's recovery center the food comes in really handy not for only those individuals seeking assistance, but for the people who staff the center. Chuck Kornman of Grand Junction, Colorado says, "it's great, you know these are guys who are trying to get back on track and they're doing it by doing this."

William Willis says he has 23 days before being released from prison and after helping the tornado victims by cooking up food, he plans to continue helping people in whatever ways he can.