Help Still Needed in Hallam

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Over a week after an F-4 tornado ripped through the town of Hallam; volunteers are needed to help clean up. Wednesday morning, only 33 volunteers turned up to help. That’s just a fraction of the 250 to 350 volunteers the town needs daily.

"Volunteers are still needed. We still have people in and aournd the county that need assistance and this morning we had a list of 17 home sites that still need help in some way," said Margo McKendree the Emergency Volunteer Coordinator.

While the need for volunteers remains, the response following the May 22, 2004 storms have been very impressive.

- Tuesday, May 25 – 458 volunteers
- Wednesday, May 26 – 287 volunteers
- Thursday, May 27 – 268 volunteers
- Friday, May 28 – 309 volunteers
- Saturday, May 29 – 209 volunteers
- Sunday, May 30 – Emergency Center Closed
- Monday, May 31 – 295 volunteers
- Tuesday, June 1 – 137 volunteers
- Wednesday, June 2 (as of 8:15a.m.) – 33 volunteers

As the numbers begin to dwindle those still coming out to help with the volunteer effort say they do so because it is the right thing to do.

"We only got to three homes today outside of Hallam. There's got to be so many more that still could use the help," said volunteer Kristi Reitz.

Another volunteer says seeing the look on the family’s faces makes all the hard work worthwhile.

"They're so appreciative. They don't have the words to thank you or know what to say because words don't express it," said Rob Hansen.

Check-in starts at 7 a.m. at the Princeton Countryside Alliance Church, 24005 South 12th Street, in Princeton. Volunteers will be checked-in at the church then bussed to the assigned areas for clean up.

People whom want to help need to wear proper clothing. Gloves and heavy shoes are suggested. Sunscreen and bug spray is also recommended.

Large groups of volunteers are still needed. Any groups wanting to volunteer are encouraged to call the Emergency Volunteer Center at Princeton Countryside Alliance Church with the group name, group total, date, and time your group is available, as well as any resources or equipment the group will be bringing.

For more information on the volunteer effort, contact Volunteer Partners in Lincoln at (402) 435-2100 or the Princeton Countryside Alliance Church at (402) 798-7318.