FEMA Inspections

Hallam, Nebraska
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So far 116 Nebraskans have had their homes inspected by a Federal Emergency Management Agency inspector. The inspection determines if a resident of a home that was damaged or destroyed by the tornadoes is eligible for federal assistance.
Merle and Millie Schuster of Hallam signed up with FEMA and recently an inspector checked what's left of their home. The Schusters say they're talking with media to let others know what FEMA can do to assist them.

Merle Schuster says, "When you see people in white shirts coming you kind of back off."

However, Schuster says it wasn't bad at all. He says the people were extremely helpful. Schuster and his wife have lived in Hallam for three years. The house they lived in was 25 years old and their insurance check won't cover everything to rebuild. That's why they're hoping FEMA's dollars can help pay for a little more.

To date, 320 people have registered with FEMA. Through the FEMA assistance program, they've handed out more than $100,000.

Once again, FEMA is asking anyone with damage in the four county area that's been designated a federal disaster area to call them and at least register with them. The phone number is 1-800-621-FEMA.