Daywatch to Close it's Doors Forever

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After 15 years of service, Lincoln's only daytime homeless shelter will close it's doors for good June 30.

Citing a lack of funding and no additional sources of revenue in the near future, board members decided to close shelter because it would be fiscally irresponsible to remain open.

The closing leaves Lincoln's homeless population with more questions than answers. Board member and homeless representative Bill Rhodes says without Daywatch, many of the city's homeless will fall through the cracks and end up mired in the legal system.

For now, the Lincoln City Mission has offered the use of it's empty shelter to provide some relief for Daywatch's clientele. Hope still remains that someone, or some organization will step forward and offer some funding to keep Daywatch alive.

For inforamtion on how you can help you can contact Bill Rhodes at (402) 805-0840. He is a spokesperson for the homeless community.