Digital Phone Service

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Another choice for phone service could be on the way for people living in Southeast, Nebraska.

Time Warner has announced it will soon offer digital service here in Lincoln. It would give consumers the option to have their internet, cable, and phone service all lumped into one bill.

Ann Shrewsbury, Public Relations for Time Warner, says, "There are a lot of advantages."

The cost will range from $39 to $49 depending on what service the customer has with Time Warner. The service is expected to be up and going by the end of the year.

"That includes both your local and your unlimited long distance within the U.S. so the price will be a real value for our customers," says Shrewsbury.

Managers at Lincoln's main phone service provider, Alltel, have been expecting this.
Regional Communications Director, Chris Hunt says,” We’ve dealt with them in other markets, and we've faired well."

Hunt tells us the company is looking at digital service as a future option as well as competing for cable customers. For now the focus is on bundling services.

"We're going to take a look at ways to make that happen, taking internet wireless, wireline and bundling them as a price advantage to the customer," says Hunt.

Customers of digital service are required to pay the same FCC fees as customers with companies like Alltel. Time Warner says this fee will be included in the monthly cost. That does not include any taxes added to the bill. Lincoln isn't the first in Nebraska to get digital service. Currently Cox Communications in Omaha offers the option.