Hit and Run Leaves Lincoln Boy in Hospital

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David Hernandez is an average nine-year-old whose main source of transportation is his bike. Unfortunately while on his way to his father’s Monday night, someone hit him and drove off.

“I was in the shower and heard the sirens and immediately, I thought of him,” says David’s mother, Kristina Avila.

That was how David’s mom Kristina Avila found out her son was hurt. Turns out David’s father witnessed the whole thing.

“His dad who was with him said they dragged him about 25-30 feet and then sped up and drove off.” Says Avila.

Leaving David’s ordeal vividly in his mind although he still has a very hard time talking about it.

“He was conscious through the whole thing, and he remembers being flipped underneath the car, and that is how he broke his leg and his arm.” Says Avila.

It’ll be at least six weeks before David is released from the hospital. Despite his pain his mom says he’s trying to stay positive.

Police are looking for an older 80’s brown sedan with a loud muffler. It was last seen driving around the area of 29th and R. If anyone has any information please contact the Lincoln Police Department.