Lincoln Residents Remember Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan
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Ronald Reagan was noted for standing by his views.

“They said ‘Now this man’s a leader’ because he’s willing to stand up and to be counted on the tough issues.” Says Senator Mike Foley.

He was not the only one who agreed.

“I think President Reagan was definitely a President who stood his ground, whether people believed or didn’t believe in him, he did what he though was right for the country.” Says Kim Bro of Lincoln.

Many citizens will miss his genuine and caring personality.

“He was a great man. He was good for the country, good for the economy, he really cared. It was really sad to see him go.” Says Helmut Gerber of Lincoln.

Senator Foley had the opportunity to meet the President on several occasions while working in Washington. He says he was a great man. “He was just so pleasant and so calm, it was just like you met someone--an old relative who was coming into the room; you felt like you had always known him.”

Leaders from all across Nebraska are praising Reagan’s many accomplishments.

Senator Ben Nelson says, “Reagan transcended politics by leading America through a difficult time full of uncertainty and danger. His passing today is from a world marked indelibly by his work to protect the American ideals of freedom and Liberty.”

Senator Chuck Hagel says, “He lead our nation through historic challenges and changes with unyielding confidence and courage.”

Ronald Reagan embodied the best of America. Many agree that history will judge him well.