Regents Approve Milliken's Contract

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The University of Nebraska Board of Regents unanimously approved new UN President J.B. Milliken's contract.

The contract calls for Milliken to make a base salary of $270,000 in his first year. Milliken takes office on August 1.

While the regents were solid in their support of Milliken, two regents were concerned about a clause in the contract that would allow Milliken to have a tenured faculty position after his term is up. Regent Randy Ferlic of Omaha called it a "25-year contract" and poor public business. Regent Howard Hawks of Omaha was the other regent concerned about the deal.

Other regents, however, said that is standard for a university president and that Milliken's base salary is below-average for university systems Nebraska's size.

Milliken was named NU's president on May 22nd after much controversy surrounding the search and interview processes.