Summer Road Construction

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Carma Bryan and her neighbors are all too familiar with construction around their homes near 27th and Vine Streets.

“It’s been loud and noisy, kind of crazy. We’ve had a couple of days without water,” said Bryan.

According to Lincoln Public Works & Utilities residents should get used to seeing these orange and white cones around the city.

“We’re going to generally have 30 to 40 major road, sewer, storm sewer and water projects going on this summer,” said Thomas Shafer.

There are projects on several major streets including Vine, “O” and 84th Streets.

Shafer says there are so many projects starting now because summer is near.

“Right now we have the better weather for doing paving and the temperatures are better or conducive for construction. So this is one of our peak times for getting as much work done as we can,” said Shafer.

While it can be a headache navigating through construction there are important things to remember: Obey the speed limit and all signage to keep workers and yourself safe. Also use detours when possible.

For a listing of all road projects go to The key word is projects.