More Irregularities Found in Former Treasurer's Office

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State auditors combing through records in the State Treasurer's Office have found what they suspected.

The auditors found more irregularities on top of those that led former Treasurer Lorelee Byrd to plead guilty to misconduct in Office and then resign in January.

An audit released yesterday found widespread problems, ranging from sloppy record keeping to overspending on contracts.

State Auditor Kate Witek said contracts at the office were not signed and were not kept on file. Also, auditors found prepayments on contracts a year of two in advance.

Auditors have been reviewing the office's records since a Nebraska State Patrol investigation found that Byrd wrote 12 state checks totaling some $300,000 and stashed them in her safe before later voiding them.

She denied that she wrote the checks to make it appear as if the money had been spent, thus blunting her office from legislative budget cuts.

After voiding the checks, Byrd spent nearly an identical amount of money to help buy two office scanners for her office.