Nebraskans for Peace Call for Cheney Impeachment

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About 50 people gathered outside the State Capitol Wednesday to call for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Nebraskans for Peace organized the rally. The organization says impeachment is warranted because they claim Cheney lied about the war in Iraq, his business dealings with Halliburton, and in comments he made to Congress about the fossil fuel and nuclear industries.

The rally was called after it was announced Cheney will be visiting Lincoln on June 18. He will be attending a fundraiser for First Congressional District candidate, Jeff Foretenberry.

People at the rally carried signs saying “Impeach the Veep” and “Local Boy Makes War.” Cheney was born in Lincoln.

Chris Peterson, the executive director of the Nebraska Republican Party dismissed the rally, calling it laughable and sad.

He says Nebraskans for Peace have a history of distasteful and bizarre behavior and this rally is par for the course.