Nebraskan's Remember Reagan

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Dale and Phil young watched the funeral ceremonies of Ronald Reagan with a bit of sadness. A man they greatly admire is gone.

“It’s pretty sad with the rider-less horse and everything. But I hope people will look at it as a celebration of a great life because the man had every victory that could be done for a president,” said Dale

Dale worked on Reagan’s 1968 presidential primary campaign. Phil worked in his White House press office. Both say the former president leaves a lasting legacy by helping bring down the Berlin Wall and winning the Cold War and doing so without backing down.

“People will remember him for his good nature. Historians will remember him for the hard-line he took against the Soviet Union calling them the ‘evil empire’. Saying they are going to be reduced to the ash heap of history and then reaching out and cutting a deal,” said Phil.

The Young’s say the elaborate ceremonies taking place this week are deserving of Reagan and all the men who served in the nation’s highest office.

Dale adds that American’s shouldn’t cry about his death but rather celebrate his extraordinary life.

“Alzheimer’s is such a terrible disease. So you really can’t cry when you lose a person in the final stages of Alzheimer’s,” said Dale.

Reagan’s state funeral is Friday.