Threats to Islamic Center

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An Omaha man faces a federal charge for allegedly leaving threatening messages at an Islamic center in Omaha after learning last month that Islamic militants beheaded an American in Iraq.

George M. Doyle the Second told the AP Wednesday that he just lost his temper when he viewed video of American Nick Berg's beheading.

Doyle, who appeared in U.S. District Court Wednesday, is charged in federal information, which is similar to indictment. He is charged with obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs.

Doyle said he never meant to insult anyone and that, "all I did was get mad and I acted immature."

Doyle said he made two phone calls to the Islamic Center of Omaha on May 11th, not long after the media reported the beheading.

FBI spokesman Jeff Tarpinian said agents were able to track down the caller on the messages through phone records and a tip received after portions of the tape were played on television news broadcasts.

The charging document said the messages left on the Islamic Center of Omaha's voice mail included Doyle making derogatory remarks about Allah and Islam and comments saying the members of the center better watch themselves.