Hallam Residents Turn to Laughter

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Most Nebraskans have seen the destruction done to Hallam by tornadoes, but if you ride around town you'll find a town determined to press on.

"Everybody is positive, good spirits wanting to know when we can get going rebuilding," said Mayor Scott Likens.

Encouragement by way of laughter sits on every corner of this small town with signs that read: Hallam Built Ford Tough and Don't Worry Be Happy.

Each resident has a favorite sign that helps them get through an otherwise difficult situation.

"I like the Auntie "M" signs and the Wizard of Oz jokes. We're look at a t-shirt that says next stop Oz," joked Myndee Ebbers.

The community survived the tears long enough to get to the laughter and that is a bond no disaster will ever break.

"As a community I think we've pulled together a lot closer over the past two weeks," said Mary Bond.

In addition to the laughter Hallam residents say all the help from volunteers is greatly appreciated.

Lancaster County Emergency Management is asking for more volunteers. They need between 200 to 250 volunteers this Friday and Saturday.

If you'd like to help check in begins at 7:30 a.m. at the Princeton Countryside Alliance Church.