Library Resignation

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Fairbury is now without a library board, after all five members resigned over a dispute with city officials.

The conflict began in earnest May 25, when the City Council voted to hold payment of the library director's paycheck because of discrepancies with her timecard.

Then in a June 1 meeting, the council issued a vote of no confidence on the handling of personnel matters by the Library Board.

On Friday, the library board fired the library director. Board members said they believed the city would not approve the library's budget otherwise.

By Monday, the board members' frustration over feeling forced to fire the library director had gotten the best of them.

The board members all submitted their resignations Monday, claiming pressure and interference from the mayor and city council.

Mayor David Beasley denies that, saying city officials were just trying to provide pertinent information. He says the city hopes to have a new board in place by early July, and will then appoint a new library director.