Cats on a Leash? It Could Happen

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As early as September, cat owners could be leashing their felines. Officials are responding to complaints that too many cats are running free around the city. Some cat owners think it will be a good thing while others don’t.

Pam Strnot of Rolling Acres Feline Resort has clients who use leashes for their cats.

“We do have some cats that come to board here that are wearing leashes,” says Strnot.

Strnot says the proposal to put cat on leashes is a good idea, “I think it would be better if they were more controlled so that they are not being a pest to the neighbors.”

Joe Wicklund disagrees. He says it will be too hard to make cats adapt to a leash after being free.

“Putting a leash on them would be a situation where they would feel completely uncomfortable,” says Wicklund.

The ordinance still has a way to go. It has to be reviewed by the county health department and the city council before action takes place.