Farm Lands Flooded

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Fields around Turkey Creek are flooded from weekend storms and that means crop loss for area farmers.

“I farm on Turkey Creek and a lot of it was under water there. Which the water went off now and it don’t look as bad as it did before,” said Jim Slama.

Flooding in his Milo fields isn’t the only loss Jim Slama sustained from severe weather. He also lost a substantial amount of soybeans by tornadoes three weeks ago. Rain and hail on Saturday completely leveled acres of his corn.

“It just made me sick. I just didn’t even want to come back for a week. But here I did come back and take a look today and it looks a lot better,” said Slama.

Slama says he is fortunate because surrounding farms suffered even worse damage.

Crop insurance will make up the difference for lost bushels. However, he will not be reimbursed for things like labor.

“We’ve got a lot of expenses out her in this yield. And something like this comes through and you’re losing money,” said Slama.

B.J. Fictum with Saline County Emergency Management says they are checking the levels at Turkey Creek every three hours.