Union College Students Recall Haiti Efforts

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Another group of Union College students has returned home, following a relief and aid trip to Haiti.

Although nearly a month has passed since the devastating earquake struck the poorest nation in the world, students say help is far from complete.

"The challenge is simply it's a very nasty job. The bodies are decomposing, and they stink," said David Skau, Union College Student.

Three weeks after the devasating 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, relief efforts continue on.

Union College students have been helping in Port-au-Prince for several weeks, recovering bodies from debris, one-by-one.

"Working alongside some heavy equipment wasn't the type of body recovery you could do by hand, because of so much concrete and re-bar, six floors were pancaked around them, and you can't remove bodies decently and respectfully with heavy equipment," said Skau.

Although the progression is slow, the latest International Rescue and Relief group to return home, found relief in helping bring closure to many grieving families.

"It was bittersweet. There were times we were doing very unpleasant tasks, but I was glad to be there. I was glad to interact with the people, just to see their amazing strength and resilliance," said Daniel Rogers, Union College student.

"Despite all of the destruction and grief that people are experiencing, they are taking the first steps as much as they can," said Skau.

Whether they were pulling bodies from rubble, or helping more than 200 people a day in make-shift medical clinics, the students say it is a humbling experience they will likely never forget.

"It pretty much re-affirms my dedication to helping people with my life, and going to extreme places where other people may not be able to go. It was just a re-affirmation that this is something I want to do. It didn't scare me away. It encouraged me," said Brittany Nunez, Union College student.

Union College has no students in Haiti now. They do say they are working on possibly sending another group next week.