Project Could Hit Roadblock

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From slowing business to traffic, the process of reconstructing South Locust has been a long one. Wendy's Manager Dan Janes says, "Once they're done it will make it so much nicer down here."

After being torn up for months, South Locust is not too far from re-opening. Driver Grace Nordlund says, "I'm ready. I think we all are."

Drivers like Nordlund will soon see the street open to five lanes, but the project won't be complete. City officials say there's been a bump in the road.

It may be a while before some street and traffic lights are installed, as well as sidewalks and landscaping along South Locust. We're told some of the property owners haven't allowed the city access to their property. City Engineer Steve Riehle says it's been a struggle. The city has been negotiating with the landlords of those properties. Until a formal agreement is reached portions of the project could be put on hold.

Nordlund says, "It would be very disappointing." Regardless, South Locust will re-open five lanes by the Fourth of July.

10-11 News was told Wednesday afternoon by city officials, that they have reached a verbal agreement with all of the property owners. Now it's just a matter of formulating that on paper.

As far as the completion of the project, they're right on schedule.