Life Saving Truck Stop

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Brenda Amundson started feeling sick as she and her husband Gary were making their way across country in their semi. They got to Omaha and they couldn’t find a hospital that could accommodate their truck.

“Went to a convenience store of all places, got information on how to get to Linc Care. He checked me in and said this is very serious. You need to get to St. Elizabeth’s right now. You can get in there with a truck,” said Brenda.

Brenda thought she was having gallbladder problems, but it turns out she had blockages in her heart and a blood clot.

“It’s very serious when the heart is only working at 15 percent and normal is 65 percent,” she said.

Brenda says they know it’s risky when medical problems arise when they’re on the road. They are grateful to have found St. Elizabeth’s before here health got any worse.

“I could have been anywhere. I’d tell my friends if you’re ever anywhere in Nebraska get to Lincoln because the hospital care there is superb,” she said.

Brenda is now headed back to her hometown of Lebanon, Oregon for some much needed rest.