Lincoln Mother Faces Felony Child Abuse Charges

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A Lincoln woman faces felony child abuse charges for accusations that she locked her 22-month-old son in a bedroom for more than two days, where police found his electrocuted body.

An arrest warrant says 22-year-old Brandy Blair wedged a towel in the door to make sure the boy could not get out.

Blair was arraigned yesterday on felony child abuse charges. Lincoln police say when they found Christian Reifler's body last Wednesday, he was starved and his diaper had not been changed for days.

Investigator Larry Barksdale said the boy was "dehydrated, thin, emaciated as if he hadn't had anything to eat."

Investigators found staples in an electrical outlet near the toddler's body and an autopsy ruled that he died of electrocution.

Blair told police she visited friends and smoked methamphetamine while her son was in the room, according to an arrest warrant. She told police she returned to the Lincoln home after three days to find the boy lying in the corner of the room on the floor.