Dry Platte Wildlife

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The ongoing drought that has sucked up the Platte River leaving some places in central Nebraska dry is not just affecting farmers.

Officials said it's also creating a strain on wildlife.

Michelle Parde, a naturalist at Crane Meadows near Alda, says its hurting the wildlife that depend on the river for survival.

She says fish never survive through the summer while frogs and tadpoles even have some difficulties.

She says without water coming through, the weeds and wood vegetation are encroaching on the river.

Parde said noxious weeds like the salt cedar, common red and purple loosestrife are problems along the river. They can smother native plants as well as drive away wildlife that feed on the native plants.

She said it presents a problem because the lack of water could force the endangered whooping crane to skip to Platte during their spring migration.