Lincolnites React to American Hostage Beheading

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The murder of Paul Johnson has had an impact on people around the nation...and right here at home. It extends beyond his home town in New Jersey and the steps of Capitol Hill. His death, only a month after that of fellow American Nick Berg, leaves many people with mixed feelings about the U.S. involvement in the Middle East, but all with sadness about this man's death.

"I think its ridiculous we are over there fighting an oil war and squabbling over our own guys getting beheaded of course they are going to get beheaded, what do you expect when you go over to the Mid East and take those people on--its going to happen," says Richard Erickson of Lincoln.

"It makes me angry. I think President Bush was right, these guys are barbarians." says Tim Gay of Lincoln.

An advisor to Saudi Arabia's prince says the kingdom did everything it could to find Paul Johnson and is deeply sorry that wasn't enough. Vice President Dick Cheney said in a speech in Colorado the U.S. will hunt them by one...and destroy them.