Lincolnites React to Clinton's Upcoming Book Release

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President Clinton’s autobiography, My Life, goes on bookshelves Tuesday, but will anyone read it?

“I am not too interested in it, I don’t intend to read it,” says Kari Ronning who is a supporter of Clinton.

She feels he has done well for the country but isn’t interested in hearing about his personal life, “The event’s publicity has been all about his personal life and affairs. We heard so much about that when he was president with the impeachment hearings, I don’t want to hear anymore.”

While some support President Clinton, some don’t.

“I had enough of Clinton’s in eight years and I don’t even think I could stomach reading the book; or even knowing that I paid for it,” says Thomas Morehead of Lincoln.

While Ronning and Morehead won’t be picking up Clinton’s book, bookstores have already reserved copies for buyers.

“It’s been more of the eagerly awaited biographies of any figure recently, especially since he is not an active politician,” says Don Wehr of Lee’s Bookstore who anticipates a large turnout for the book release.

While Ronning won’t be buying the book, she thinks it will do well.