A House Explodes in Lincoln Early Monday Morning

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Denise Winton was awoken this morning by a loud boom. “I went to the window of our bedroom and saw burning embers going over our house and into the backyard.”

She says the explosion lit up the night sky to a bright white.

“I called 911 and was trying to get to my neighbor next door because her house was right next to it,” says Winton.

Fire investigators speculated initially lightning may have struck the home, but as far as the explosion, they’re still not sure.

“The roof was down on top of the fire scene, and so we need to get that off and then we will get inside and start recovering some stuff looking for the origin in cause of this explosion and fire,” say chief fire investigator, Bill Moody.

Investigators say the home was vacant and no one was injured. A neighbor nearby says the explosion blew out the windows of her home spraying glass all over her living room.

Neighbors have many speculations as to what caused the house to explode, but fire officials are still investigating the scene.