One Year Anniversary

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On June 22, 2003, two tornados touched down in Deshler. The twisters rolled through town from the northwest moving southeast, cutting a path through Deshler. The tornados destroyed and damaged dozens of homes and destroyed building after building.

One of the most heavily damaged areas of Deshler was the county fair grounds. Adjacent to the fair grounds were the Deshler swimming pool and playground. A year to the day, a Kansas City company was replacing the twisted up playground equipment.

Mayor Alan Holle says the rebuilding process has been good. However, there's still a lot of work to be done. Mayor Holle says if there's one piece of advice he can give to other communities devastated by a tornado, it is to just "hang in there."

In the middle of Main Street, there's a flag pole. On the one year anniversary of the Deshler tornado, a special flag flys over head, a flag that was flown at the U.S. Capitol and was given to a friend of Paul Reinert. Reinert was killed as a result of the tornado. Mayor Holle says the flag is in remembrance of June 22, 2003 and Reinert a resident of Deshler.