Cheney Visit Cost

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According to estimates from the city, Cheney's visit cost a grand total of $31,900, a dollar figure that was spent on his motorcade, hotel stays, and the price of overtime officers who had to barricade streets.

The visit, which was intended to raise both dollars and support for the Fortenberry campaign, has caused plenty of controversy.

Heath Millo of the Nebraska Democratic Party said, "He [Dick Cheney] came to Lincoln solely to raise money for a republican candidate. We feel that the Lincoln taxpayer shouldn't have to subsidize a republican fundraiser."

But the Republican Party disagrees. They say the cost of the visit should be included in the city's taxes. "The government exists to protect the people, to protect the institution of the government. They protect the people, and obviously the Vice President is the second most senior member of the government," said Chris Peterson of the Republican Party.

The city has made no formal announcement of who they plan on billing. They say they will have to see how other communities have dealt with similar visits from dignitaries.