President Clinton's Book Hits Bookshelves

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For some, this is a much anticipated day. President Clinton's book, "My Life," hit the shelves provoking some to rush out and get a copy.

Many people hurried out to get themselves a copy of the former President's book. It’s an autobiography talking about everything in Clinton's life from scandals and politics to his life at home.

Some say they want to read the book to get his side of the story and to develop an opinion of their own. Many say they can't wait to learn about his life.

"Most people are buying it I think because the Monica Lewinsky scandal and all that but I am more interested in more of his healthcare reform, things that didn't go over too well," says graduate student, Ryan Rehder.

The book is available at various bookstores and costs about $35 but many bookstores are currently running sales. Calling around could save you some money.