Hostage Beheaded in Iraq

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A 33-year-old South Korean hostage working with the U.S. military in Iraq was beheaded Tuesday. His body was thrown out of a vehicle.

Reaction around Lincoln is disbelief.

"I was very shocked, saddened to see it happen again to another person," said Brendan McGinn.

"I was appalled. I think it's a moral outrage," said Terry Sherer.

The South Korean government refused to meet terrorist demands to withdraw troop support.

Still, political science professor Bill Avery says the terrorist got their point across.

"The message they are trying to send is if you side with the United States in this war there is a price to pay," said Avery.

In Seoul, demonstrators protested the government’s decision to send troops, but Avery says South Korea had little choice in the matter.

"They depend on us for their security. I think we're putting pressure on them and a lot of other countries to help them out because they don't have a lot to bargain with, so their caught in a hard position," said Avery.

He adds that the frequency of the beheadings will cause some countries to think twice before committing troops to Iraq.

Here in the U.S. residents are more uncomfortable than usual about the latest means of terrorism.