Expanded Gambling

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The head of an anti-gambling group Thursday says people collecting signatures in favor of expanded gambling are acting illegally.

Pat Loontjer with “Gambling with the Good Life” held a news conference in Norfolk to discuss her concerns.

She says petition gatherers are not explaining what the petition means. She says some are not from the state and are just in it for the money.

Kimball Mayor Greg Robinson helps lead the pro-gambling effort “Keep the Money in Nebraska.” He says a verification company with offices in Lincoln and Omaha has been hired in collecting the signatures. Through he does not know who the collectors are or where they are from, he says they are given proper training. Robinson says his group is as concerned as any that collection is done correctly.

Loontjer recently has won the support of U.S. Representative Tom Osborne. The former Nebraska football coach is appearing in television and radio ads asking voters to reject expanded gambling.