Robbers Beat Lincoln Resident

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Two robbers break into a Lincoln man's home, beat him up, and put a gun to his head. The men got away with Leroy Kilburn's wallet and $20.

"They put a gun to my head and said, I want your cash," says Kilburn.

Kilburn says he was sitting in his living room, talking on the phone when two masked men barged in.

"We wrestled to the ground. I got kicked in the head."

Kilburn lives at 336 North 28th Street. He says one of the robbers also kicked his 15-year-old dog Ebert.

"I tried to grab the gun so he wouldn't shoot me."

Kilburn's face is bruised, and his foot his swollen.

"I'm pretty sore."

Lincoln police say the burglars are still on the loose. Kilburn has no idea why he was targeted. If you have any information call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.