Laid to Rest

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About 100 people fill the corner of Babyland Cemetery at Prospect Hill in Norfolk. The light rain lets up just before the ceremony starts. A small casket about two feet long sits among a sea of flowers and stuffed animals. The child inside never had the chance to enjoy gifts of any kind.

The infant boy has no known name. He only lived two days before he was found dead in a river spillway last Thursday by Kacy Fielder. A week later she is still haunted by that night.

"Every day I can see the baby in my head. I can't get the picture out of my head. I can't stop thinking about it. It won't go away," she says.

Kacy is one of many woman here to pay their respects. Most are mothers. They cannot understand how anyone could leave a child. Toni Puls Mansfield had a son born stillborn. She can't imagine parents not wanting a son.

"He didn't deserve that. It wasn't right. I have a son in Heaven so hopefully they will play together," she says.

Pastor Tom Beatty says it is important not to judge the parents or anyone else in the situation. Nobody knows the reasons why the boy was left or the circumstances. Prayers are the best thing for the boy now.

Norfolk Police are still looking for the parents. They thank people for the tips they have called in, but say all leads have led to dead ends. They are now offering a $2500 reward to information leading to the parents. You can call Norfolk Police at 402-644-8700 with information.

DNA samples have also been sent to two separate labs. Investigators hope the results might also give them some leads.