Christian Heritage Children's Homes Builds New Facility

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Marlyn Schartz operates a group called Maranatha Volunteers, and it came in contact with Christian Heritage Children's Home in a rather ordinary way.

"I had a trailer for sale, and Christian Heritage Homes bought that trailer, and I learned about their operation," says Schwartz.

Now Marlyn is helping out the organization in an extra ordinary way, giving aid to children's home president, Gregg Nicklas in the construction of a new facility.

"Gregg told me they were wanting to build a new headquarter, and I suggested to him that he contact Maranatha Volunteers, which he did; they approved the project, and I agreed to coordinate it, and it's been a great experience," says Schwartz.

As you might imagine, Nicklas says he's excited about getting this project underway. By constructing a new family training center, Christian Heritage Home officials hope to in turn rebuild families.

"We are going to be able to teach them parenting skills, provide counseling, consultation and mentoring services here."

As the leader for the Maranatha Volunteer on this project, Marlyn Schwartz says it’s heartwarming to help out and a can-do attitude will help these people get the job done.