Nebraska's Republican Party Holds Convention Saturday

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Senator Chuck Hagel and Gov. Mike Johanns were among some of the politicians who spoke at the Nebraska Republican Convention Saturday.

"This President deserves re-election for many reasons," says Hagel. "This President was faced with something no President in the history of our country has ever had to deal with and that was Sept. 11, 2001."

Nebraska Attorney General, Jon Brunning, says the secret to a productive country is not the government, it’s the people, "Our plan for building a stronger America includes personal responsibility. It is not government taking people and making sure they will have a good life, people and their individual responsibility, building their own good life, with government making sure there's framework where that can work."

The packed house of 400-500 Republicans listened as speakers addressed many issues on their agenda.

"We are going to spend a lot of our focused resources on trying to re-elect President Bush and make sure in the Congress, he's got a good solid team from Nebraska."

While they have faith in their agenda, Republicans know the fate of November's election still lies within the hands of the voters.

"Literally our future is truly in your hands, I ask you to do all you can before this November's election to make this turn out right," says Gov. Johanns.