Ethanol Incentives

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Seven ethanol plants are in position to meet a Wednesday deadline to earn production incentives the state does not have enough money to pay.

The plants collectively could qualify for $225 million in state incentives. The Legislature has not come up with a way to fully fund the program.

Nebraska Ethanol Board project manager Steve Sorum says the program is arguably the most successful economic development program in the history of the state.

He says the plants have helped provide jobs in communities that otherwise would not have them, and Sorum says the plants provide corn growers with an in-state market for their product.

Plants expected to meet the deadline are in Madrid, Cambridge, McCook, Ravenna, Lexington, Norfolk, and Sutherland.

Sorum says most of them won't start drawing on the incentives for a least a year. That gives the Legislature time to figure out how to pay for it.