Bond Issue

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What would Mayor Seng's bond issue do for Lincoln residents? Street improvements are a major component; the need, to ease traffic congestion.

Lincoln's Mayor wants to give street projects a jump start with a $75 million bond issue. City officials say one of the problem's in the past, having money to keep the streets up with new developments. A prime example is 14th Street between Old Cheney and Pine Lake.

City officials say the area wasn't designed to handle the street closure, nor the growth in South Lincoln. With the city continually growing the Mayor is hoping the bond issue would eliminate future problems like the one near 14th.

Some of the changes we could see, on South 56th from Pine Lake to Yankee Hill, the street would widen from two to four lanes. City officials say North 14th and Superior would also widen.

Cracked sidewalks in need of repair could get fixed. The bond issue would free up money for this.

These improvements would be pushed along with the help of the bond issue. It wouldn't take effect until 2005, 2006 fiscal year.