Locals Give Their Opinion on the No Smoking Ordinance

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Mark Shriner owns "The Coffee House" on 13th and P and says he's worked hard at making the place enjoyable for both smokers and non smokers. He's built dividing walls and installed separate ventilation for the smoking and non smoking areas.

Although not all of his customers are against the ordinance, he is outraged over the changes he will have to make.

"That means that it will be smoke free and the 52-percent of my business or so that smoke will no longer exist, so to me 16 people who work here are in jeopardy of losing their job." says Shriner.

One of his customers, Bob Horner, is from Boulder Colorado and says the changes take some getting used to, "Give it enough time, all of the sort of ruffling of it will go away, it goes away. I don't think people even think about it in our town, we just don't think about it and if you want to smoke you can but you just can't smoke inside."

Some of the others I spoke with say although they are disappointed with the decision the city has made, the ordinance will not alter their lives significantly.