Toxic Algae

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Residents living around a lake right outside of Grand Island are being told to stay out of the water.

The Department of Environmental Quality says toxic algae in Hidden Lake could make swimmers sick. The DEQ also wants pets kept away from the water.

Rollie Reynolds is a resident on the lake, and he says, "They usually see this problem in July or August, they're surprised this year in June. They don't know why."

The DEQ says there's been an abnormal amount of toxic algae in some Nebraska Lakes. They're not sure what's going on. A DEQ employee discovered the toxic algae last week. The water is now being re-tested.

Reynolds says, "We're gonna be careful. If it's bad we won't use it."

If you want to find out what lakes may be off limits to swimming because of toxic algae, go the DEQ's website:

Toxic algae contain bacteria that can make people and animals sick. It can be bluish-green, and smell bad. The DEQ wants to remind us the vast majority of algae on lakes are normal, but we do need to be cautious.