Soldiers Return Home

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A crowd of family and friends erupts in cheers as they see the first three Army Reservists walk to them from the terminal. The moms are the first ones to reach the young men and woman returning home from Kuwait. All 30 of them were stationed there for 15 months while they hauled fuel into various parts of Iraq. They have been away from home for a total of 18 months.

Since the men and woman traveled daily into Iraq for more then a year, they were up close and personal with the people of the country. Specialist Amy Cudaback says, "Most of them were would wave to you while you were driving down the road. Some would throw rocks, but most of them would wave."

That seems to be the common opinion. Everyone I spoke to said most of the Iraq people were happy the U.S. is there to help. They also know no trip into Iraq was a guaranteed safe ride.

As for whether Iraq is ready to handle the self-rule it was given earlier this week, the jury is still out. Specialist Christopher Akers explains, "You have to take it one step at a time, this is another step in the long process. We are going to be over there for a long time, I think."