Fourth of July Travel Safety

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Captain Darrell Fisher of the Nebraska State Patrol says they have an additional 40 trooper on duty this weekend hoping to make this Fourth just as safe as the last--with no fatalities.

"We want people to moderate their consumption of alcohol, don't drink and drive." says Captain Fisher.

He says they aren't about spoiling everyone's fun but rather keeping people safe, "We want people to have a good time but we also want to insure safety on the highways and to the rest of the motoring public."

Sandy Ferrone is on her way to Tahoe. She says she is not influenced by the increased traffic, "No I never let it stop me. If I'm going somewhere and we plan on having that a driving day to continue so that doesn't bother me."

One thing news this Fourth of July, the Lincoln City council voted to allow liquor stores to open as early as 6am Sunday, giving people more time to get ready for the holiday. We spoke with Gene Podolak who is the owner of Geno's 11th and G Beverages, and although he says he didn't apply for the grant to open earlier, he's stocked and ready for the weekend rush.