Lincoln Fire and Rescue Make Rounds to Fireworks Stands

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Manette McKeeman runs the Poppers stand on 70th and A. She says she makes a good effort to keep her stand up to code.

"I found some fire crackers here today and I got them out and some of our assortment packs, we went through them very carefully to make sure there are no illegals," says McKeeman.

Searching for illegal fireworks aren't the only thing stands need to worry about, that is where Lincoln Fire and Rescue inspector, Ken Hilger comes in.

One of the violations Inspector Hilger found with this stand was that its exits were too close together. In order to fix that, Manette had to move the exit down.

"I had them move this one because it was too close to the other one. The have to get it about half way," says Hilger.

Hilger also checks stands for proper lighting, marked exits and no smoking signs.

Although Manette had to make some changes to her exit, she says inspections are a good thing, "Its good that they come in and if there are any updates or changes that need to be made, we will make them, so next year my door will be down here because I don't want to move it again so yeah, we will be better prepared next year."

Manette's customers also worry about firework safety and children.

"We are buying fireworks that are age appropriate as far as having adult supervision, constantly,” says Joe Stokey of Lincoln.

Manette hopes she will continue to have good business throughout the weekend.