Businesses Already Complying to Smoking Ordinance

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After receiving many customer requests to go smoke-free in the past, Randy Mutchie of Applebee's says complying with the ordinance early is best.

"Well we discussed this as a company, and I think really it was - we wanted to meet the requests of our guests." says Mutchie.

Mutchie says only a small part of most Applebee's are designated for smokers. "We maybe had eight tables in the restaurant that were specifically for smoking sections."

That's not even 20 percent of the restaurant. Although it doesn't sound like much, Amy Schofield is glad some restaurants jumped at the chance to comply. "It’s just nice to be able to walk through some place and not walk through smoke or have to sit and smell it or somebody blowing it in your direction as you are sitting there eating."

Schofeild says smoking isn't just something she dislikes. "We are a little more conscious of it maybe. I lost a sister last year to lung cancer, and so I don't want to expose my children exposed to that."

Businesses are advised to comply with the ordinance by July 13, but the will not be fined for violations until November.