Neo-Nazi Rally

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July 17, on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol, a Neo-Nazi group called "National Socialists Movement" plans to hold a rally called, "White Unity." The Minnesota based group is a paramilitary structured organization who honors Adolf Hitler.

Lincoln native and self professed Nazi Gehard Lauck says he was surprised the N.S.M. is planning a rally in Lincoln. Lauck says Lincoln is not much of a battle ground, but nonetheless will support the group when they come to the Capital City. Lauck says he didn't know the group was coming until they asked him to be a guest speaker. Lauck says, "If they give a few minutes, I guess I'll give my two cents worth."

The rally has raised a lot of eyebrows. Lincoln council member Annette McRoy says, "They’re wasting their time" coming to Lincoln. One of the reasons the group is holding a rally in Lincoln stems from the deadly shooting of Nebraska soccer star Jenna Cooper. The man accused of killing Cooper is Lucky Iromuanya who is African-American. Iromuanya's mother tells 10/11 news that she believes Lincoln residents' won't buy into what the N.S.M's message of hatred portrays.

The "White Unity Rally" is scheduled for July 17. At the same time, a group of Lincolnnites are planning a "Celebrate Diversity Rally." Council member McRoy says this rally is going to be awesome and show this Pro-White organization that Lincoln is united and hatred is not tolerated.