Lincoln Organizations Plan Diversity Rally

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When Susan Scott of the YWCA found out about the Neo Nazi rally three weeks ago, she immediately started working on a plan. "We want a celebration we don't want people to think that racism is welcome here."

That is why she's spear-heading a cultural diversity celebration at Pioneers Park Saturday. Scott says she has the backing of city businesses and even Lincoln mayor Coleen Seng. Tonight she used the Meadowlark Music Festival as a backdrop to get the word out.

"Well the flyers are going to go out at the public radio fundraiser and give out flyers that are going to tell people about tomorrow's event," says Scott.

Lincoln Police are prepared for the National Socialist Rally, plans that include some police in riot gear.

Although violence is a possibility, Joseth Moore says it's important to protest opposition in a non-violent way, “There are some people who really aren’t happy to see them but we got to make sure this is non violent.”

That’s why Moore is hoping people who oppose the Neo-Nazis will attend the rally at Pioneers Park.