Some Lakes Unsafe for People

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Nebraska Health and Human Services issues health alerts for 3 lakes across Nebraska.

The warnings are a result of tests done at the lakes that showed a toxic level of Microcystin, a toxin mixed in with certain strains of blue green algae.

The three lakes under alert are Pawnee Lake, near Emerald, Enders Reservoir near Imperial, and Swan Creek Reservoir #5A near Tobias.

Officials with Nebraska Game and Parks are placing signs at the lakes warning of the dangers and telling people not to come in contact with the water.

These toxins typically breakdown naturally, usually a week or two after the algae bloom subsides.

Two alerts continue for other Nebraska lakes. Hanson Lake 4, near Bellevue, and Fremont Lake #20 remain under health alerts, although algae levels at Fremont Lake #20 are showing signs of improvement. The alert Fremont Lake #20 has been downgraded to a health advisory.