Diversity Rally Big Success

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Lincolnites gathered at Pioneers Park to attend the "No Place For Hate" celebration. Executive Director for the YWCA, Susan Scott, is amazed with the turnout.

"Well we are so excited. We have had a great turnout. We have got a count of about 1400 people up to now." says Scott who was only expecting 500-600 people.

Among those in attendance was congressional candidate Matt Connealy, "We are a stronger community when we work together. We are a diverse community and its great to celebrate that."

For others, it was an emotional event. "I started nearly crying; I mean I had to get my composure because I could not believe it and I am still overwhelmed." says Nicole Graham of Lincoln, "Its so overwhelming. I'm just like overjoyed because of the fact that there is that many people out here."

Scott says she hopes this event will help make the National Socialist Movement realize they are not welcome here, "I hope that more people are out showing that they like diversity that they care about their neighbors and friends and that they are not paying attention to hate."