Soldiers Receive Free Membership to VFW

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Tyler Weers is a soldier who recently returned from serving in the military oveseas. His mom joined the Red Cross support group through the VFW Post 3606.

"It definitely helps a soldier out knowing that there is someone there for the people you love to turn to." says Weers.

Weers says he's happy to meet those who helped his parents through this tough time, "I think its a really good thing. Its nice to get to know the people my parents have been turning to for their help."

Another soldier who attended the picnic is James Curl, who also just came home from overseas. Curl says the support from everyone is great for both he and his family, "Just walking off the airplane in uniform and everyone cheering, shaking my hand--its great! I am glad that my family had some support back here."

Alan Budt of the 3606 Chapter was eager to present the men with a year membership to the post at the support group picnic, "We feel that offering them a one year membership might help ease them back in and show them that we do support what they have done--like we did before them."

The soldiers say they enjoy surrounding themselves with others who have been in their situation.

"The VFW is a really great organization that I know of. The food is always good and it's a really great atmosphere to meet other veterans. They've been there before you and they can kind of relate to the same thing that you've been going through." says Weers.

Both young men are honored to be member of such a respectable organization that their families turned to wile they were away.