Local Technology Guru's Say Google "Would Be Huge" For Lincoln

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Google is looking for a few cities to be the first to use it's new fiber internet connection.

The winning cities are promised the fastest internet speed to date, and the potential for new jobs and Lincoln wants in on those benefits.

"Google is so important because it provides so many opportunities for companies, other than Google, that would be here or locate here because of the additional infrastructure or network that they would build," said Founder and CEO of Thought District in Lincoln.

Google's new fiber high-speed internet performs 100 times faster than the existing broadband.
Bradley Walker, President and CEO of Nanonation, Inc. says Lincoln's existing fiber technology would make the city a good business decision for Google.

"I think like any other technology company, Google will look for rapid time to market and lowest cost and I think we can deliver on that," said Walker.

And if that isn't enough, Walker says Lincoln's university campuses, community and climate offers the perfect testing grounds.

"It would create not only a remarkable achievement for a community but benefits that could happen over 5 to 10 years of having that infrastructure would be huge," Walker said.

A resolution in support of the Google project, submitted by City Council member Jonathan Cook, will have a public hearing at the Council meeting Monday, March 22. The meeting begins at 3 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 555 S. 10th St.